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This is the fourth episode of our five-part series on the Showtime original program “The TRADE,” a docu-series providing a front row seat to the opioid epidemic through the eyes of those most affected: the growers and cartel bosses, addicts and their families and law enforcement. In this episode, once again veteran documentary producer Pagan Harleman, who serves as executive producer of The TRADE, offers her insights and the backstories behind episode 4.

Watch episode 4 of the Showtime Original docu-series on the opioid epidemic: The TRADE

Following the introduction to today’s episode from Pagan, we hear from Recovery Coach, John Stuckey, who provides insight and analysis on the role of a recovery coach.  Later, we talk with Barb, Andrew’s aunt about her role in connecting Andrew with drug court. Next, we talk with Judge Tom Teodosio about Andrew’s participation in the Turning Point drug court. We conclude this episode once again with remarks from Pagan Harleman.  

Listen as Greg explores the stories behind episode 4 of The TRADE and profiles people, places and things making a difference in the opioid epidemic.