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This is the second podcast in a five-part series on the Showtime original program “The TRADE,” a docu-series that provides a front row seat to the grim realities of the opioid epidemic through the eyes of those most affected: the growers and cartel bosses, addicts and their families and law enforcement. Each podcast features an introduction by veteran documentary producer Pagan Harleman who serves as executive producer of The TRADE and offers backstories for each episode. She is followed by interviews with subject matter experts on issues related to each TRADE episode.

Watch episode 2 of the Showtime Original docu-series on the opioid epidemic: The TRADE

In this episode, Pagan shares additional insight into the back story behind the drug cartels in Guererro, Mexico, the primary location for shooting conversations with growers. Next, Greg speaks with Brian Bailys, founder of Ascent, who together with Dr. Joan Papp from Cleveland MetroHealth, created a program to fast track overdose victims from the E.D. into treatment. Next, Greg interviews Judge Tony Capizzi, who runs a family court that is reclaiming futures for parents with opioid dependence in Dayton, Ohio. We close out this episode with Richard, who founded a successful treatment center in Dayton, Ohio when he could not find a program to help his daughter recover.  

Listen as Greg explores these emotional stories that cover a wide stretch of territory on the opioid epidemic battleground.