Drug Czar Unpacks Our National Opioid Epidemic Strategy

In its latest Strategy Report, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) shared its strategy for building a stronger, healthier, drug-free society. To reach this goal, the ONDCP details three tactics for fighting the opioid epidemic.

First, continue to prevent new substance abusers through education and evidence-based prevention programs. Second, improve access to long-term addiction recovery treatment services. Third, reduce the availability of these drugs in our communities.

By achieving these goals, the ONDCP will dominate the drug environment, reducing future lives lost to substance use.

Today, we’re joined by the Director of the ONDCP, Mr. Jim Carroll, the man in charge of executing this strategy. Together, we discuss the highlights of the latest Drug Control Strategy Report.

Join us on the latest episode of the Cover2 Resources Podcast for a deep dive into our nation’s plan for fighting the opioid epidemic.

Pitcure of Jim Carroll in front of a U.S. flag