Greg interviews Dawn Scherma and Tammy Laurer, the founder and the president of Dawn’s Early Light. Dawn’s Early Light is an assistance program that aims to provide financial help and guidance to those suffering from substance abuse disorder.

Greg asks both Dawn and Tammy how they moved from a place of frustration to one of compassion through the struggles they faced with their children’s opioid addictions; and how these journeys led to the creation and mission of Dawn’s Early Light. Dawn and Tammy explain that through their own experiences and those of the people close to them that have lost family; they realized that the opioid epidemic was a disease.  “It’s just such a bad epidemic out there. These people, they need help. They’re not bad people they’re just in a disease.” This understanding led to the creation of their assistance program and helped influence their goals. “Our mission is to obviously help as many people as we can, on the financial end with the inpatient rehab. We started this to help anybody who wants and needs the help, who is suffering from this disease on the financial end to help them pay – if it’s monthly, weekly, whatever  – as much as we can do to help them get into a rehab [center] and stay there long term so they can hopefully recover.”

Listen to the podcast to discover how Dawn and Tammy managed the opioid dependence of their children and then channeled that energy and knowledge into helping others.