Ohio continues to have one of the largest death rates due to overdoses in all the US. Just last year, Franklin County had a 47% increase due to opioid abuse. This caused community leaders to come together and form the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance. Their research uncovered some shocking results.  It concluded that most people are aware of the opioid epidemic but underestimate the risk to their families. Many parents have the “not my kid” mentality. Only 19% believe it can impact their family directly. This is one of the main reasons that people overlook preventative measures.

Today Greg is joined by Chad Jester, President of Nationwide Insurance Foundation and Shawn Holt, President & CEO of Maryhaven, who together with other members of the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance developed a public awareness campaign to expose a common “not in my town” mindset that can devastate a community. By making people aware of how they can take action to make a difference in the opioid epidemic, these powerful PSAs created by the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance, are helping to prevent opioid addiction in the next generation.