Over 130 people die each day after overdosing on opioids in America. The abuse of and addiction to opioids is a national crisis that has touched the lives of more families than any other health crisis in our history. Today, more families are finding the courage to speak out in support of prevention and recovery than ever before. But that hasn’t always been the case. Ten years ago, speaking out about a family member’s struggles with heroin addiction was almost unheard of.  On this episode, we’ll talk to a school counselor from Texas who did just that. Beginning 10 years ago, Dr. Kendall Young’s life took a dramatic turn both personally and professionally. In this podcast, the Tivy High School Counselor, from Kerrville, Texas joins us to share how her life changed in an instant when she learned a former student lost his life in a deadly confrontation with police officers in 2009. Next, still reeling from the loss of a former student, she learns her son is battling heroin addiction. We’ll talk about how the adversity she faced as a parent and as a counselor changed her approach to parenting and counseling forever.

We’ll further our discussion with comments from Dr. Young about the actions she’s taken within communities as an outspoken advocate for prevention and recovery all while being an active member of the Kerrville Recovery Community Coalition, a marathon runner, a published author and a dedicated basketball mom.

Listen to today’s podcast to hear Dr. Young’s transformational story of becoming a community leader after being touched both personally and professionally by the opioid epidemic.