Dr. Faye Jamali is a soccer mom. An anesthesiologist. A friend. A wife. By all accounts, she had it all going for her. But a fluke accident and a trip to the ER, started her down a path to addiction that changed everything. In 2007, Dr. Jamali was attending a birthday party when she slipped and fell, breaking her wrist. An excessive amount of painkillers were prescribed and she noticed life got easier when she took the medication. Her stress levels diminished and she began abusing pain medication more to numb her feelings than relieve pain. This was only the beginning.

Dr. Jamali says addiction completely snuck up on her. What started as something to ease the pain quickly took over as habit-forming. She states “I truly believe something broke in my brain. I feel like it got high jacked.” She quickly began to rationalize the situation and her lifestyle. In her mindset, she was not an addict. As a licensed physician, she didn’t seem to fit the mold. In this podcast from Cover2 Resources, we hear the story of Dr. Faye Jamali abusing, denying and struggling through her battle with addiction. With the help of a comprehensive rehab program tailored towards her situation, Dr. Jamali was able to receive the help that she needed. Listen to how Dr. Jamali found recovery and learn about her work today helping others in the medical profession.