Ep. 185 – Ken Daniels Speaks on the Harsh Reality of The Florida Shuffle

This week’s podcast features Ken Daniels, Detroit Red Wings broadcaster, who discusses patient brokering and the devastating effects of The Florida Shuffle. Ken speaks of his son Jamie and the Jamie Daniels Foundation, in hopes that others will hear his story and avoid the dangers of being exploited.

Patient brokering is when a drug rehab facility pays a third party for referring a patient to their establishment, but the treatment facility is solely focused on their finances. This has become a serious issue in the addiction treatment industry, especially in the state of Florida.

Listen to Jamie’s story and hear how he battled addiction, while getting caught up in patient brokering. Hear how to avoid falling victim to the corrupt cycle and hopefully help a loved one get the treatment they need and deserve.


WAKR Opioid Roundtable

Jamie Daniels Foundation

The Athletic : “Red Wings Announcer Ken Daniels Shares His Heartbreaking Loss to Save Others From Predatory Rehabs”

WingingItInMotown.com : “Ken Daniels to Feature in ESPN Documentary About the Drug Scam That Targeted His Son”


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