Jerry Craig, the Executive Director of the Summit County Alcohol, Drug, Addiction and Mental Services Board, is working to get Narcan widely distributed in Summit County. He discusses the Summit County Opiate Task Force. Formed in 2014, the task force consists of a group of key individuals and organizations committed to reducing the tragic consequences of opiate abuse through education, collaboration and wise use of available resources.

Through the task force, Project DAWN has been created to equip Good Samaritans with Narcan. Jerry explains that DAWN stands for deaths avoided with naloxone. He goes on to describe what a DAWN clinic entails. “DAWN clinics essentially involve the provision of Narcan, instructions on administering [Narcan], recognizing the signs and symptoms of an overdose, and the importance of calling 911,” says Jerry.

Jerry discusses where Dawn education can be found in Summit County. He notes two DAWN clinics established for Narcan education, Summit County Public Health and Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Hospital. Summit County also hosts DAWN clinics at other locations. “Not only are Dawn clinics held in these settings, but we also have the capacity to do Dawn clinics out in the community.”

Narcan supplies can be picked up at various locations. “We have 55 pharmacies who are able to distribute suboxone without a prescription. If you have insurance, the insurance will cover it…You can get your Narcan through the DAWN clinics as well,” says Jerry.

Greg has received Narcan administration training at a Dawn clinic. He explains the benefits of DAWN clinics for members of the community. He notes the clinic’s great response time and the education which they offer the community. “Participants in the clinics walk away with a kit and the potential to save a life,” says Greg. Jerry adds, “It’s a measure of comfort for families to know that they can mitigate the impact of a potential overdose.”