Greg interviews Jeff Mozingo and Joe Richardson, founders of Awaken Project. Awaken Project is an in-school presentation reinforcing a strong drug use prevention message with a live multimedia music event. Jeff and Joe met at a golf tournament. At the tournament, Jeff was asked to pray for Joe and his son—who sadly passed away from a heroin overdose. Jeff describes the Awaken Project as, “God bringing us together for a positive message.”

The co-founders walk Greg through a typical school assembly. Jeff says they have a brief introduction from a school administrator and afterward he begins his drum performance. “Not a word is spoken. We want to get their wall down, because so many people have a wall up…We want [the students] to relax, to enjoy themselves and to have a good time,” says Jeff.

The assembly transitions into a video and afterward Jeff talks about the consequences of decisions. Then he introduces Joe, who goes through his power point. In his discussion, Joe talks about the alarming statistics of the heroin epidemic. “We’re not going to arrest this problem away; we need to educate people,” says Jeff. Listen to the podcast to find out the impact of the Awaken Project and what advice the duo has for parents.

This video was provided by Jeff Mozingo and Joe Richardson of Awaken Project.