Greg interviews David Sigal, founder of the LOUD Life Foundation. David is a former addict who turned his life around with the love and support of family. Now, David is giving back.

LOUD Life seeks to empower and inspire addicts to change their lives. LOUD stands for “Live Out Ur Dreams,” and that’s exactly what the foundation helps addicts to do.

David started using marijuana at age 13. “In middle school, you don’t understand where you’re at in life,” he says. “There are a bunch of cliques, and you do anything to feel a part of that community.” David was a gifted volleyball player, and he started using opiates in 10th grade when he received a prescription for a serious back injury. He took more pills than directed. “I understood that this pill was going to make me feel good when I was in pain,” he says. “So I started abusing that.”

When the doctor wouldn’t give David more pills, he turned to cocaine and soon began selling drugs. He had been bullied in high school, and he enjoyed the power that he felt over others as a dealer. But his mind and body were deteriorating fast. His parents intervened and tried to get him into a treatment facility. Unfortunately, the facility was full.

“If your son or daughter is asking for help, as a parent, I know you want to do everything possible,” David says. “But there’s a window of opportunity, and if you can’t physically do it—which a lot of these [treatment facilities] won’t be able to—it’s not your fault. As long as you’re helping or being there, as a support system in any way possible—I just say, communication. For a lot of parents, communication is key.”

When an opening came up at the treatment facility, David agreed to go. Now, he has successfully turned his life around. As well as LOUD Life Foundation, David also runs LOUD Life Clothing, a lifestyle brand based in Columbus, OH. David encourages parents to talk to their kids about all the side-effects of drug use—especially after warning signs appear.



David Sigal started using drugs at age 13. In his early 20s, he turned his life around with the support of his family. He founded the LOUD Life Foundation, which seeks to inspire and empower those affected by addiction. He is also the founder of LOUD Life Clothing, a lifestyle brand intent on furthering the LOUD Life message.