In this episode of the Cover2 Podcast, Greg interviews Robin Star, a certified coach who helps families of opiate addicts. Robin uses a science-based program that’s backed by 40 years of clinical research. Robin discovered the tragedy of addiction in her own life when a family member went into this crisis. Robin didn’t know how to help, though she wanted desperately to do so. She learned a lot in this heartbreaking time.

“First, let me say that you can’t fix it,” Robin says. “I want you to know that you didn’t cause it. The only person who can fix it is the person engaging in opioid use.”

When Robin encountered her own crisis with a loved one, resources were almost non-existent. She was stepping out into a new territory, and she didn’t even know the language of opiate addiction. Now, after educating herself fully, she’s giving back. Robin’s program teaches parents to engage with their children in a positive way. It helps parents to motivate their children to change their destructive behavior.

Gestalt Professional Certified Coach
T  440-668-3701

Confidentially, empowering parents of children struggling with Substance Abuse Disorder & Addiction

The Partnership for Drug Free Kids
T  1-855-378-4373

The helpline is a toll-free service for parents and caregivers of children (of any age) who want to talk to someone about their child’s drug use and drinking.
The Helpline is not a crisis line. For emergencies, call 911.